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Save time & monitor office performance
Save time & monitor office performance
Aculist Edge Business Insights provide a quick, accurate and extensive picture of office performance.

Rich metrics for evaluating your business

  • Access valuable information about performance, inventory management, productivity and overall office management.
  • Review intelligent insights about your business as well as the performance of others.
  • Compare how your business stands relative to your peers.
  • Brokers, office managers and agents benefit from this big-picture analysis.

Save time

  • Quickly and easily search and make sense of MLS data — save hours every month and get valuable results.
  • Refine and filter searches and search criteria with a mouse click — not by re-entering search criteria for every new question.
  • Data is delivered quickly — tables, graphs and charts update instantly as you navigate through the search path.

Monitor office performance

  • Analyze market trends and patterns to help define the direction of the office strategy.
  • Drill down to meaningful comparisons among agents and other offices — bring reality into day-to-day decision-making.
  • Obtain detailed sales data and the agents involved, by fine-tuning customizable and interactive reports for a city, an area, a neighborhood, over specific months, quarters, or years.
  • Create custom reports for your clients that are easy to understand with professionally designed charts and graphs.