View your business with precision and clarity

Real Estate Brokers

Aculist Edge presents a quick, accurate, and extensive picture of your office performance by drilling down to useful comparisons between agents as well as other offices in your area.

Bring reality to your day-to-day decision-making

  • Market trends and data that update throughout the day.
  • Identify lifecycles that help define the direction of your office strategy.

Manage your staff, recruit, and retain

  • Retain your agents by providing an added service they can use and leverage with their client base.
  • See agents’ performance trends over time in your area and other markets.
  • Compare individual agent performance side-by-side based on key metrics such as: size of transaction, volume, days on the market, etc.

Manage your business

  • How does your office compare with others in the same area? Get the answers that will sharpen your decision-making.
  • Rather than looking at data, interact with it and get immediate answers to your questions.
  • Discover meaningful correlations, patterns, and trends that take your business planning to another level.
  • Uncover unexpected patterns that can lead to new business opportunities or influence strategic decisions.
  • See what your strengths and weaknesses are compared to other players in your market and back it up with numbers—not just intuition.
  • Broker Alerts highlight listings that are due to close and listings that may have an issue with too many days on market, days in escrow or listings due to expire.
  • Brand market data reports with your own company logo.
  • Elevate your firm’s brand, highlighting the firm’s market knowledge and agent expertise.