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Custom reports for busy professionals
Custom Reports for Busy Real Estate Professionals
Select Aculist Market reports customized to your needs, including your company’s branding—delivered right to your inbox within minutes.

Critical Decision-making Data

  • Market Data Reports are perfect when you want to impress your clients and prospects with unique, impressive data that helps them.
  • Market snapshots provide up-to-date market trends and key performance indicators that most people want to see before making decisions.
  • You understand the benefits of digging deeper and want to see the big picture, easily sharing housing market information with clients.
  • The PDF-formatted reports are delivered electronically to your inbox— you control the delivery schedule.
  • The reports are branded with your name and broker colors for enhanced prospecting or to help satisfy demanding clients.


Aculist Edge Market Data Reports


Be the Expert

Take advantage of Aculist Edge™ time-saving, presentation-ready
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Recognizing that for the cost of a bagel and a coffee you can be armed with the right information to present to your clients and prospects that significantly increases your chances of winning a listing or finding your buyer their dream home.

Aculist Edge Market Data Report


This is a sample of one of the five reports available to you demonstrates the value of the talking points for your buyers and sellers. Not interested in the city? No problem! Pick zip code, MLS area or even school district too.


  • Your clients and prospects expect you to be the market expert… these informational reports will help you tell the story.
  • You don’t have a lot of time… spend it on what you do best while Aculist provides the data you need.
  • Leverage your brand… Receive tailored reports with your name, colors and email address, increasing your visibility.


* Download: Guide to Aculist Market Data Reports